• Collector's Mug "Keep Austin Kind" - 2023 Edition

  • How Can You Cherish Every Sip? Cheers With This Unique Collector's Mug

    "This Mug's Not Just a Sipper—It's Your Daily Dose of Kindness!" Sip! So there I was, scrolling through my DMs, right? You won't believe what Karen—yes, that Karen—is posting now. But then, my eyes landed on this mug, my "Keep Austin Kind" mug, and I'm like, "Darn it, Linda, remember your New Year's resolution!" Seriously, this mug is more than ceramic; it's like a conscience with a handle. Perfect for cocoa, coffee, or any of your hot beverage whims. 

     Just think about pairing this mug with those holiday cookies from Baked by Amy's. You'll be the talk of the town—in a good way, for once!

    • 15 oz Capacity: Our mug holds a generous 15 oz of Amy’s Belgian Hot Cocoa Mix, coffee, or tea, ensuring you stay warm and cozy all season long.

    • Gift of Happiness: Spread holiday cheer by gifting this charming mug to your loved ones, making their season extra special. 

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    Picture yourself holding this unique collector's mug, its design showcasing the vibrant spirit of Austin. See yourself bringing it to your lips, feeling the warmth of your favorite beverage as it travels down your throat. With each sip, you can't help but feel a sense of connection to the city, to its culture, and to the kindness it represents. Every time you use this mug, you're reminded to keep Austin kind. Cherish every moment and add the "Keep Austin Kind" Collector's Mug 2023 Edition to your cart.

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  • Collector's Mug "Keep Austin Kind" - 2023 Edition
  • Collector's Mug "Keep Austin Kind" - 2023 Edition
  • Collector's Mug "Keep Austin Kind" - 2023 Edition

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