• Hot Topping Duo Combo

  • Two Flavors, One Duo: Meet the Dessert BFF That Doubles the Fun!

    "Why Choose? Double the Dessert Decadence with Hot Fudge and Pecan Praline! Drizzle! Honey, let me tell you, I was at the holiday party last night, and Betty served store-bought ice cream toppings. I know, a travesty, right? But then, I came home to my Hot Topping Duo from Amy's—Belgian Hot Fudge and Pecan Praline. It's like elevating your ice cream to VIP status. The fudge is so rich, it's like a chocolate hug for your soul, and don't get me started on the praline. Those pecans? Divine, like they've been kissed by Texas sunshine. Save 10% when you bundle with our 2023 Collector's Mug. It's like hitting the dessert jackpot and spreading the joy."

    • 8 oz of Pecan Praline: One jar is filled with our signature pecan praline—a delightful fusion of pecans and caramelized goodness, offering a satisfying and rich, nutty flavor.

    • 8 oz of Hot Fudge: The second jar is brimming with our rich hot fudge—a velvety indulgence that transforms any dessert into a warm and chocolaty delight.

    • Versatile Enhancement: Whether you're drizzling praline over ice cream or adding hot fudge to pies, this duo adds a touch of magic to every occasion.

    This holiday season, embark on a flavor-filled journey with our Holiday Topping Duo. Handcrafted with love and dedication, it's the perfect pairing to enhance your festive treats and create unforgettable moments.
    • Hot Fudge: Sugar, milk, heavy cream, butter, Belgian Callebaut chocolate, cocoa powder
    • Pecan Praline: Brown sugar, butter, heavy cream, pecans, corn syrup, cold press vanilla


    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - So Yummy!I was introduced to Amy’s ice cream when I was in town about 6 months ago. Oh how I fell in love with the pecan praline and vanilla ice cream. Leaving back to the airport I made a special trip before heading home. Since then I have been consistently thinking about that pecan praline sauce. I was so happy to find it on the online store. Thank you for making it so easy to order and shipped fast.” -Paisley L. 
    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - Best Hot Fudge Ever: “My tongue wishes it came in a 5 gallon bucket. But my hips appreciate a more demure serving. I will guard my precious, savoring it in small portions and only sharing it with people I love dearly.” -Christy H.

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      Imagine a decadent dessert spread before you, with two jars filled to the brim with our irresistible Hot Fudge and luscious Pecan Praline Toppings. Drizzle the velvety smooth Hot Fudge over your favorite ice cream, experiencing the rich, chocolatey goodness cascade over every delectable scoop. Then, swirl our creamy Pecan Praline Topping on a warm slice of pie, savoring the perfect balance of nutty sweetness. With each bite, transform your ordinary desserts into extraordinary delights. Don't miss the chance to elevate your desserts by adding the Hot Topping Duo to your cart.

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