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How can I purchase ice cream?

For more information on wholesale or special orders please click on our Wholesale Page and contact our shipping and production team

How can I get Amy’s to cater for my event?

Simply pick an option and shoot an e-mail to the catering director at your city! Amy's Catering

Who comes up with all the flavors?

Anyone and everyone from our own scoops to managers to customers! If there's a brilliant idea out there then we want to turn it into ice cream. Being a small company, we have the luxury of using a single batch method. This means if you want bacon and egg ice cream, we can make a tub for you!

What are scoops?

Scoops is the name we give our servers

Any gluten free or low-fat flavors?

Visit this link for more information on our delicious flavors!

What is the calorie content?

For all the calorie information, check out: Happiness In Spades

Do you make donations?

Yes! Email our Donations Director, Denise Malek, at denise@amysicecreams.com

What's the deal with your shipping costs?

We use USPS to ship all orders unless a FedEx option is chosen. Need more info? Click here!

Where can I see a list of all the Amy's Ice Creams locations?

See list of stores in Austin

See list of stores in Houston

See list of stores in San Antonio