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  • Want Unlimited Brilliant Goodness Now? It Awaits You with Our Hot Fudge

    " Dive into Chocolate Paradise! Drizzle! Honey, let me tell you, I was at the holiday party last night, and Betty served store-bought ice cream toppings. I know, a travesty, right? But then, I came home to my Hot Fudge from Amy's. It's like elevating your ice cream to VIP status. The fudge is so rich, it's like a chocolate hug for your soul, and don't get me started on the on the Pecan Praline Topping. Those pecans? Divine, like they've been kissed by Texas sunshine. Save 12% when you bundle with our Pecan Praline Topping. Don't deny yourself, embrace the brilliance!"

    • 8 oz of Creamy Fudge: Our signature fudge is a testament to perfection, with a velvety texture and rich chocolate flavor that captures the spirit of the season.

    • Winter Magic: Drizzle our Hot Fudge over ice cream, Holiday desserts, or fresh fruit for a delightful touch of winter magic in every bite.

    • Save 12%: When you bundle with the Pecan Praline Hot Topping, you save!

    Dessert tastes better with our old fashioned, house-made Hot Fudge topping sauce. Now you can bring it home and share it's smooth deliciousness with friends and loved ones! This unique topping is best enjoyed warm on the dessert of your choice.

    IngredientsSugar, milk, heavy cream, butter, Belgian Callebaut chocolate, cocoa powder. Refrigerate and enjoy within 2 weeks after opening. GLUTEN-FREE.


    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - Five Stars is too Low!!! “Never ever has there been better hot fudge than this. Twenty-five years ago, my son was the star of the fifth grade opera, and we celebrated at Amy's with hot fudge sundaes. What a glorious celebration! The hot fudge is EXACTLY the same now, and as a connoisseur of hot fudge, this is the very very best ever. Thank you Amy's for this fantastic hot fudge!” -Anne W 
    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - Best Hot Fudge Ever “My tongue wishes it came in a 5 gallon bucket. But my hips appreciate a more demure serving. I will guard my precious, savoring it in small portions and only sharing it with people I love dearly.” -Christy H. 

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      • Add Pecan Praline to your order and SAVE 12%!

        Welcome to a world of limitless indulgence. Our Hot Fudge Topping, crafted with the finest Callebaut Belgian Chocolate, is the key to unwrapping endless brilliance. Picture yourself pouring a generous amount onto a warm slice of cake or a tower of fluffy pancakes. With each bite, the smooth decadence envelops your palate, leaving you in awe of its brilliance. Elevate your joy – add our Hot Fudge to your cart and experience extraordinary taste like never before!

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