• Luck 'O The Irish Pint Collection

  • The luck of the Irish has landed here at Amy’s! With this pint pack, you get some of our luckiest, booziest flavors that will have you skipping to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. 

    Peppermint Party
    Our Peppermint Party ice cream is a flavor explosion. With its bright green color and bold taste, this pint will not disappoint. Sweet Cream is stuffed to the top with layers of chocolatier-crafted rich, dark, and white chocolate bejeweled with crunchy peppermint candy. Girl Scouts® Thin Mints add a delightful crunch and subtle chocolaty mint notes. For an extra cool and crisp kick, Creme De Menth adds a playful vibe.

    Banana Cream Pie
    Our velvety Cold Press Vanilla ice cream complemented by the sweet and fruity notes of luscious pureed bananas and a generous helping of crumbled Biscoff cookies with subtle caramel undertones for that classic banana cream pie bite.

    Taste the rich, complex flavors of the world's most beloved Irish stout with our Guinness Ice Cream. On your first lick, you’ll find deep, roasted notes of coffee and chocolate from the Guinness beer, perfectly balanced with the creamy sweetness of ice cream.

    Over The Rainbow
    Get ready to chase your pot of gold with Over The Rainbow. This boozy breakfast-inspired flavor is made with Sweet Cream ice cream, Lucky Charms marshmallows, and a splash of Irish Whiskey. Despite their unlikely pairing, these ingredients surprisingly work well together. The Irish Whiskey adds layers of richness and depth, perfectly spotlighting the super-sweet rainbow-hued
    Lucky Charms marshmallows. So take a trip to the end of the rainbow and let your taste buds be transported to a world of magic and wonder!

    Rainbow Rock
    Follow the rainbow with vibrant and playful Rainbow Rock. This legendary yet simple flavor celebrates color and fun, combining our velvety smooth, Sweet Cream and colorful rainbow sprinkles. Perfect for kids and everyone who is a kid at heart, Rainbow Rock is a treat that's sure to bring a smile to your face.

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  • $119.00

  • Luck 'O The Irish Pint Collection
  • Luck 'O The Irish Pint Collection
  • Luck 'O The Irish Pint Collection
  • Luck 'O The Irish Pint Collection
  • Luck 'O The Irish Pint Collection
  • Luck 'O The Irish Pint Collection

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